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Financial Advisor Services

Our Services

We help you with your entire financial picture to reduce stress and worry, gain a sense of security, and retire with confidence and peace of mind knowing that you have a plan in place and a trusted partner to help you stay on track.

Here are some questions we help you answer:

  • Will I have enough money for retirement?
  • How can I reduce my tax bill?
  • Am I invested properly?
  • How do I prepare for retirement while saving for my kid’s college?
  • What should I do with my 401(k) from a past employer?
  • Should I be worrying about things I hear in the news?
  • When should I start collecting Social Security?
  • Should I get long-term care insurance?
  • What happens if I need to start caring for my parents financially?
  • How will I make sure my family is cared for if I get sick?

We have tools that can help you:

  • Organize all your finances
  • Determine the least amount you should be paying in taxes
  • Estimate your tax liability
  • Figure out how to maximize retirement contributions
  • Create a budget for yourself
  • View your investments, assets, insurance, and spending in one place

As our client, you will receive:

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning includes investment management, tax planning and retirement planning

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Investment Portfolio Management

Investment Portfolio Management

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Dorsey Wealth Management Fees

Annual Fee Schedule

Assets Under Management
Annual Fee
Up to $1 Million
Next $1M ($1,000,000.01 to $2,000,000)
Next $3M ($2,000,000 to $5,000,000)
Above $5,000,000

Fees start at $1,875 per quarter.  When investable assets exceed $750,000, fees are based on a percentage of assets managed.

Assets Under Management is determined by adding the value of accounts held at the custodian Charles Schwab.  The fee includes both comprehensive financial planning and investment management.  

Dorsey Wealth Management Client Portal

client portal to keep you organized

Each client has a secure, password-protected Personal Client Portal that gives a complete financial picture of all of your accounts in one place, continuously updated and accessible from your computer or mobile device.

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