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Invest With Confidence

Guidance for Intelligent Investing

Investment results are not based on picking the next hot mutual fund or actively trading to beat the market. What contributes most to your financial success is creating a plan and sticking to it. That’s why our services are so important and help you invest with confidence.

Most people struggle to separate their emotions from their investment decisions. This causes a cycle of irrational optimism and excessive fear that leads to poor investment decisions.

To build wealth you must look beyond the concerns of today and invest for the long term. Our professional investment management is fully integrated with your comprehensive financial plan, giving you the security and confidence that you have the best investment strategy to meet your goals.

Evidence-Based Investing

Our investment approach is based on the work of Nobel Prize-winning economists, not the latest media headlines. Making decisions based on evidence will give you the best chance for success.

Our focus is on building evidence-based portfolios that are low-cost, diversified across the globe, and aim to capture market returns. We focus on areas we can control such as diversification, costs, and tax efficiency.

We prefer to utilize low-cost investments from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) and Vanguard. Note that DFA funds are only available to institutional investors or through a select group of independent advisors.

We are mindful of all investment costs, from mutual fund expense ratios to trading commissions, and we work hard to minimize your costs so you can invest with confidence.

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