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Questions You May Have

Why did you become a financial planner?

What is fee-only

What is a fiduciary?

Do you work with men too?

How do I know my money is safe?

If I don’t live near Torrance California, can I still work with you?

What type of person are your services NOT for?

What exactly are your services and what do they include?

Why is financial planning for women so important?

As women, we are so busy building our careers and businesses while taking care of our families that unfortunately one area that commonly gets neglected are our finances. Women especially have unique financial needs because we tend to live longer and take care of others we love first. Many women want to be more educated about their finances but feel overwhelmed and confused. When they do seek out financial planning assistance they don’t know who to trust or turn to who understands their unique needs.

Do I need a minimum to work with Dorsey Wealth Management?

We do not have any minimum investment requirements.

I am interested in working with Dorsey Wealth Management. Is there a fee for an initial meeting?

We offer a complimentary introductory meeting in which we get acquainted with you, learn about your goals and aspirations, and determine if Dorsey Wealth Management can help. The session also gives you a chance to decide if we are right for you.