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Financial Planning For Women

Financial planning would be easy if life always progressed according to plan. But life is a series of transitions – some planned, some unplanned – and the financial decisions made during these transitions can be the most critical ones.

The time we take to understand you – your goals, your values, your relationships, your personal history, every aspect of your finances – and our availability to you helps us be effective, trusted guides during your life’s transitions.

Financial Planning Topics

Cash Flow

Deciding in advance how you will spend your money ensures you are making regular progress toward financial independence and keeps your plan on track. We will help you figure out where your money is going and how much you need to save.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is more than simply ensuring that you won’t outlive your money. It involves choosing the best strategy to maximize your Social Security benefits and Pension payment options. It’s also about how you will make your retirement years personally fulfilling and enjoyable. We will look at all of the pieces to prepare for retirement and see if you are on track. We will also make recommendations to address any “gaps” if needed.

Tax Planning

You don’t have a choice about paying taxes, but you can avoid making the mistake of overpaying them. Tax planning helps to lawfully structure your income and take advantage of the adjustments, deductions, and credits for which you qualify so that you pay only what you owe.

Investment Management

We will review your current assets to get complete picture of all of your investments and see if there are any critical problems that need to be addressed. Then we will create and implement your Investment Strategy to make sure your portfolio has the right mix of investments to match your risk tolerance and meet your financial goals.


Determining how much insurance coverage you need is vitally important to your financial security. We will discuss the risks you face, review all of your insurance policies, make sure you understand what you have and make recommendations for coverage that better meet your individual needs.

Estate Planning

Estate planning goes well beyond making a will. It may involve naming a guardian for minor children, addressing medical directives, minimizing estate taxes, and determining when a trust is appropriate. We will discuss what you need and want in a will/trust and prepare you to meet with an attorney. If you already have a will/trust in place, we will review these documents to insure you understand them and that they meet your needs.

Education Funding

If you have children or grandchildren, identifying the right mix of alternatives and maximizing their use is a complex and confusing process, but there are ways for families of any income level to effectively save for future college costs.

Employee Benefits

We’ll work with you to evaluate your employee benefits to ensure that you are maximizing the coverage and benefits available to you and your family.

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