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Financial Videos

As a financial advisor, our videos are about sharing knowledge and tips to help you retire with confidence and peace of mind to a life YOU love.

Education is vital for financial planning success, and we like to share our knowledge through videos.

Whether you feel confident you are on track financially or just starting to think about your financial future, our videos are designed to be relevant and informative for everyone.

What is a Backdoor Roth IRA? Thumbnail

What is a Backdoor Roth IRA?

Roth IRAs offer tax-free growth and tax-free withdrawal in retirement, but there are income limits. Backdoor Roth IRAs help us work around that. It's completely legal and high earners use it to contribute to Roth IRAs indirectly.

10 Best Financial Books Video Thumbnail

10 Best Financial Books Video

Reading the best financial books can do wonders for your net worth and financial confidence. Here are 10 of my favorite books that stand the test of time.

Target Date Retirement Funds Thumbnail

Target Date Retirement Funds

A target-date retirement fund is an investment option that simplifies retirement planning. It automatically adjusts the asset allocation based on the target retirement date.

ETFs vs Mutual Funds Video Thumbnail

ETFs vs Mutual Funds Video

Are you wondering what the differences are between ETFs and Mutual Funds? And which one is best for you? In this video, I will explain what ETFs and Mutual Funds are, then give you some tips to help you understand which one might be best for your situation.

4 Retirement Risks Thumbnail

4 Retirement Risks

Even with careful planning and diligent saving, some parts of retirement planning are out of your control. Here's a look at four common retirement risks and how to address them.

Understanding Health Care in Retirement Thumbnail

Understanding Health Care in Retirement

For many people in retirement, navigating the maze of health insurance options can be overwhelming. In this video I talk about how Medicare works - and your coverage options for filling in the gaps for retirement planning.

How Women Can Overcome Obstacles to Retirement Thumbnail

How Women Can Overcome Obstacles to Retirement

Women face unique obstacles to retirement. One of the best ways to overcome these obstacles is to save as much as possible as early as possible. Women should also plan how they will cover long-term care needs, for example purchasing long-term care insurance or self-funding through portfolio assets or home equity.