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Is It Time To Revamp Your Finances? Thumbnail

Is It Time To Revamp Your Finances?

As many of you know, I recently went on a wonderful vacation to Kauai with my family. I am very grateful to have been able to spend this time with my family in such a beautiful setting. It inspires me to think about the importance of making time for the people and things that matter most in our lives. I returned home just after the New Year…and my thoughts turned to new beginnings and opportunities.

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Happy Holidays Thumbnail

Happy Holidays

I thoroughly enjoy my work as a financial planner. Working with each of you to create and monitor your financial plans, effectively manage your investment portfolios, and provide you with sound wealth management advice brings me enormous fulfillment. I hope that you have found working with me this year both a positive and productive experience. As part of my planning for next year, I look forward to continuing to keep you on track financially and as a fiduciary always act in your best interest.

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Wishes for a Warm Thanksgiving Thumbnail

Wishes for a Warm Thanksgiving

It’s not uncommon to think about one’s estate planning as a one-time event. In reality, all plans are subject to change and require periodic review and consideration to ensure they remain relevant. Some of you have created legal Trusts that specify how your assets will be cared for during your lifetime and following your death. Some of you have taken an additional step by titling a brokerage account in the name of your Trust…to ensure the assets fall under and flow through it. Yet there is a basic task that is sometimes overlooked…designating one or more beneficiaries who will receive specific assets, such as an IRA or Individual/Joint brokerage account titled in your/your spouse’s name(s).

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What Women Really Want in Retirement Thumbnail

What Women Really Want in Retirement

As in many facets of life, women face unique challenges when it comes to retirement—challenges that, on average, men simply don’t have to manage. For example, even though women today are better educated and have more career opportunities than ever before, they consistently earn less than men. This wage inequality can make saving for retirement a bigger mountain to climb for many women.

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