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Busy is not a Badge of Honor Thumbnail

Busy is not a Badge of Honor

I really enjoyed reading this article by Carl Richards. It talks about how being busy is not a badge of honor.  Actually, to be more effective people who "think" for a living need to rest their brains just like professional runners need to rest their leg muscles. Do nothing, rest your brain, and see what great things happen!

Busy is not a badge of honor by Carl Richards

I like this article because it is so true! With social media especially it seems like we "should" be doing something all the time. It gets so bad that it becomes hard to just relax. Or you may feel guilty relaxing.

I have gotten into the habit of playing puzzles on my phone or watching funny or cat videos on YouTube. At first, I felt guilty about this but I realized that I MUST REST MY BRAIN! It is not always about being busy, but using your time in a productive manner. For me, resting is being productive. 

I spent 20+ years working in a cubicle in Corporate America. I would look around and it would be obvious that some workers were pretending to be busy! Being busy just to appear to be productive. Some people spent their whole careers doing this.

As an entrepreneur, you can't pretend to be busy, you can't fool yourself. You certainly can't fool your business because your profits will suffer. But even as a busy owner - you need to take a break, even more so because business owners tend to work more hours than W2 workers.

On the weekends I try to not touch my computer or look at my emails. It is really, really hard. If it is a busy time, I will do work on the weekends to make my Monday better. But it is a balancing act to be productive but not burn out. Intentionally taking time to rest is the key!