November 18, 2017


Dorsey Wealth Management is a fee-only financial planning firm, which means I am paid only by you.

  • I do not sell products — such as: investments, annuities, or mutual funds
  • I do not accept commissions or referral fees based on the advice I provide you

Many financial planning firms base their fees on the amount of assets managed. For example, an asset fee of 1% on $500k of assets equates to $5,000 charged per year. For this fee, many of these firms do not provide a full range of financial planning services.

To make certain we are a good fit, I offer a complementary “Let’s Get Acquainted” meeting.

Service and Fee Comparison

Service Dorsey Wealth Management Asset Based Advisor Commissioned Advisor
Form of Compensation Flat Fee Retainer Based on Income and Assets Percentage of assets (typically 1% or more) Commission (varies by product)
Cost to Client Fees start at $1,050 per quarter Example: $500,000 portfolio = $1,250 per quarter ?
Fiduciary Duty Yes Yes No
Portfolio Analysis Yes Yes ?
Investment Management (Ongoing) Yes Yes ?
Unbiased Advice (not influenced by compensation) Yes ? ?
Goal Setting and Monitoring Yes ? ?
Retirement Planning Yes ? ?
Cash Flow Planning Yes ? ?
Net Worth Review Yes ? ?
Tax Planning and Minimization Yes ? ?
Estate Planning Yes ? ?
College Planning Yes ? ?
Insurance Planning and Purchase Assistance Yes ? ?
Planning Topics Specific to Women Yes ? ?
Mortgage Review and Assistance Yes ? ?
Major Purchase Assistance Yes ? ?
Philanthropic Planning Yes ? ?
Assistance with Making Decisions about Starting a Business Yes ? ?
Coordination with Attorneys, CPAs, Insurance Agents, Realtors, etc. Yes ? ?
Proactive and Ongoing Review of Financial Situation Yes ? ?
Financial Education and Guidance Provided in a Comforting and Supportive Environment Yes ? ?
Personal Financial Planning Portal Yes ? ?